How To Do a Stew
How To Do a Stew


Pandora’s Box has finally been opened, and years and years of hidden secrets are now flying out for the entire world to hear! How to Do a Stew is a step-by-step personal playbook that gives men a “heads up” and a peek at the inside world of a sexy profession filled with a commodity of untamed, fancy-free women who fly, otherwise known as “The Stewardess!” Available in print for the first time are the basic tools to make your “Fantasy Dream Stew” come true!

This hot-topic tabloid is a humorous “cookbook” geared towards men, filled with juicy, insider information and savory secrets on how to get a date, be a great mate, and with a little luck…permanently land yourself an elusive, salacious Stewardess. Read more

Dr. Lee,

About Dr. Lee, "Fly-chiatrist"

A farm girl at heart, Dr. Lee was raised in the Great Northwest with fresh air, wide open spaces and blue skies as far as her eyes could see. Encapsulated as a Stewardess for the past 27 years, she has earned her honorary “Love Jet Fly-chiatrist” degree from the School of Hard Knocks and Landings. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

Men love Stews. Every man that I’ve ever met, anyway. And if you happen to be one of these meat-lovin’ men, or a vegan for that matter, then this may be your lucky day. Read more

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